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There are various examinations in the examination, but what kind of connection is there between the content of the examination and ballet?


 The ballet class begins with a greeting to the teacher.

"Good morning" "Please" "Thank you" "Goodbye"

It's a basic thing, but it's very important to learn this kind of greeting when you take the exam to check your lifestyle and behavior observation.


In ballet, we call it "Reverance", and we express our gratitude to those who came to see us.

In order to finish the dance beautifully and gracefully, greetings are thoroughly learned as part of the dance.

If you can not only simply say greetings, but you will be able to say beautiful greetings both physically and mentally through ballet,

It will lead to a more polite and well-behaved demeanor, which can make a good impression on the whole exam.


"Examination" refers to practical skills, but exercise is often included as an item in it.

As for the contents, there are many lessons that imitate animals and dance according to the teacher's example, so you can see if the child has basic athletic ability.

These can be said to be ballet lessons themselves.


In addition, not only children but also parents are examined during the exam.

When you are with your child, there may be many moments when you want to take action before your child takes action.

Are you taking too much care of your children than necessary? Do you have a way of interacting with your child that takes the lead?

The first thing to think about in building a better relationship with your parents is getting used to separation from mother and child.

In ballet, we try to get them used to separating mothers and children on a daily basis so that they can stand on the stage of the recital on their own.

By making children aware that their parents will come pick them up at the end of the lesson, they will be able to leave their parents with peace of mind, and as a result, build a relationship of trust with their parents. you can go


In addition, ballet includes a lot of content that satisfies the items that are examined in the examination, such as memory, concentration, and cooperativeness in group activities.

While learning ballet in a fun way, they will grow up to be children who can naturally take the exam and take good action.